"What I've learned in my first 40 years."
by Chris Nandell-Flint

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In 1985, CHRIS NANDELL was the first Artist to write a text-book designed to teach others how to Create one-of-a-kind Model Horses and it revolutionized the Model Horse Hobby! 42 years later, she is still a leader in the industry and is still dedicated to teaching others.

TRADE SECRETS AND METHODS OF A MODEL HORSE ARTIST - (written and published in 2007) celebrates 40 YEARS of her experience in the Model Horse Hobby. In it, she takes the reader step-by-step through the painstaking process of everything from sanding seams on plastic models to tips on sculpting original pieces and creating life-like painted pieces.

Trade Secrets and Methods is packed with INFORMATION that you can really use in 13 Chapters (140 full 8-1/2" x 11" pages) which include 70 pages of COLOR PHOTOS and 8 pages of Line Drawings. If you have ever wanted to learn the art of creating beautiful horse sculptures, or if you have always wanted to understand how they are created, you will want this book!

Designed for beginners, there are tips and techniques that even experienced model horse customizers can learn to sharpen their skills and perfect their artistry. Chris has been active in customizing, painting and sculpting model horses since 1967, and has taught hundreds of others, both new and experienced, how to begin and/or improve their work. Through easy to read text and the many photos and illustrations, you too can learn some of the skills that have made Chris Nandell one of the most successful and popular Artists in the industry.

Available exclusively from Chris Nandell - Beau Cheveaux Creations. This book is produced in-house on professional printing equipment. It is bound with a *permanent* twin wire metal loop binder and has clear mylar cover sheets, front and back, for added protection. Every copy is autographed by the Author and numbered!

Sample Pages - (Pages are 8-1/2" x 11")
Click on the small pictures to see larger versions


  • Introduction


  • A word about the work area
  • Suggested Tools, Supplies and Materials


  • Chapter 1 - Customizing

    Know your subject!
    Working in plastic
    * Heat it up and move it!
    Other methods to reposition plastic models
    * The "Cut-Apart" method
    * Wedging
    * Boiling water
    * Heat Gun
    * Candles
    * My final comments about moving plastic
    Customizing models made of other materials
    * Resin-cast pieces
    * Ceramic pieces
    Adding tiny details
    In conclusion...

  • Chapter 2 - Prepping A Resin

    Here's how
    Filling those pesky pin-holes

  • Chapter 3 - Original Sculptures

    Let's get started
    Step-by-step sculpting a mane
    Sculpting tails

  • Chapter 4 - Repair Work

    Materials I use most
    Repairing a broken leg or tail
    * Variations on this method
    * Dealing with wire reinforcements
    Repairing broken ceramic pieces
    Repairing a broken or missing ear
    Filling those pesky pinholes
    * Here's another technique
    How to level hooves
    Making a base
    To strip or not to strip


  • Ch. 5 - Priming and Base Coats

    Base coats

  • Ch. 6 - Painting With Oils - Media of the Masters

    Oil painting step-by-step
    * Chestnut
    ** On to the painting process
    * Golden Buckskin
    Dry-brush technique
    Dapple grey
    * Dapple grey step-by-step
    ** First session
    ** Second session
    ** Third session
    ** Fourth session
    ** Fifth session
    * Adding "Flea-Bites"
    * Another methods for painting dapple grey
    Painting Roans
    * Spray-can roaning
    * Dry-brush roaning
    The "Block" painting method
    Protective finish - the final step of a paint job

  • Ch. 7 - Basic Color Recipes

    A little advice...
    Light or Golden Bay
    Standard Bay
    Mahogany Bay
    Seal Bay or Brown
    Golden Chestnut or Sorrel
    Remember to take care of your brushes!
    Liver Chestnut
    Golden Dun
    Red Dun
    Light Grey
    Mediuim Grey
    Dark Grey
    Rose Grey

  • Ch 8 - Other Painting Methods Worth Mentioning

    Basic painting techniques using Acrylics
    Basic Air-Brush techniques


  • Ch. 9 - White Markings and Mapping

    White markings
    Painting Appaloosas
    * White Seclera
    * Mottled Skin
    * Striped hooves
    * Sparse mane and tail
    * Common Appaloosa paterns
    ** Leopard
    ** Semi-Leopard
    ** Reverse Leopard
    ** Blanket pattern
    ** Frosted and Marbled
    Pinto Paterns
    * Tobiano
    * Overo
    * Tovero
    * Splash-White

  • Ch. 10 - Detailing and Special Effects

    Primitive Markings
    Ermine Spots
    Hoof color and striping
    Metal shoes
    * Toe and side clips
    Signing your work
    Developing your own techniques
    A final touch
    A word about critiques
    How much should I charge?

  • Ch. 11 - Hairing

    The hair
    The mane
    The tail
    Braided manes and tails
    Interchangable manes

  • Ch. 12 - Troubleshooting: Fixing Common Problems On Finished Pieces

    Paint rubbed off
    Cleaning off dirt and grime
    Black marks or paint rubs on surface
    Entire piece gets sticky

  • Ch. 13 - Resources and Recommended Reading

    My favorite reference books
    Art supplies and materials sources
    To contact the author


    Customers are RAVING about how much they LOVE this book! Here is what CAROL WILLIAMS - Author of COLOR FORMULAS AND TECHNIQUES has to say (as posted on the MH Blab):

    "I just had the privilege of looking over Chris Nandell's latest iteration of her "Trade Secrets" book. I have to say, I'm really impressed. I wanted to share my impressions with other folks on Blab, who may be interested in having a good workbench how-to reference book on customizing and painting models.

    It has full color illustrations... with a lot of step-by-step photo series on how to do various things, like painting in shadings, sculpting on a mane, customizing/repositioning, prepping (plastic and resin) and more. This is an especially good book for anyone who is interested in learning to customize and paint their own, as well as the merely curious. It does contain a good bit of material that will give new ideas and inspiration to experienced artists as well.

    This is almost entirely a whole new book compared to previous versions (just a few sketches from the earlier versions remain) everything else is new and/or expanded material. This book is not at all short on explanatory text, or example images (in color).

    I can certainly recommend this book. It is far and away the best book Chris has penned on the subject.

    Carol Williams - author of Color Formulas and Tehniques"


    I was lucky enough to win one!! Guys and gals!! if you havent purchased one of these and you are in ANYWAY interested in repairing, customizing or just playing around with the idea of painting you should get this book!!! IT IS WONDERFUL!!!

    I personally was amazed at how inspired I was after reading this book! Chris did a GREAT job at giving instructions and put some great pictures in there to...She makes it VERY simple to understand and start!!!

    Amber Boardman


    "Hi My name is Sarah Descoteaux. I bought your book a year ago, and its amazing! I finaly got brave and finished a custom model from the breyer Adios, and I was so proud of it I just had to send you a pic and say thanks!

    PS: if you have any additional tips or tricks you think might help that would be awesome! And thanks again for being so helpful. your pal ; Sarah"


    U.S. PRICE: $105.00
    Shipped USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation (within the Continental U.S.)

    PRICE OUTSIDE of the Continental US - (sent First Class International):
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    NOW is the time to have the horse of your dreams!
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