This is my long closed edition Artist Resin, Pregnant Pause.   I have painted her in a beautiful Dark Bay Blanketed Appaloosa, in durable, glowing oils.    With white markings, and details in an acrylic mixture.    This adorable sleepy pony mare is just "a little pregnant" and is snoozing, dreaming of her new foal to come.    Her ear tips, nostril edges and corners of her mouth have a protective coating of clear nail polish and she is finished and sealed with several coats of Krylon Matte Spray, topped off with Testor's Dullcote, for an extra-tough, durable finish.    She is permanently mounted to a thin, textured Basswood base for extra stability.

Brand new and unshown, add her to your show string and let her win for you!   
$465.00 ppd.

Within the Continental U.S. - USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.
TIME PAYMENTS (with signed Contract): $127.90 Down, $76.72 per month for 5 Months.

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