This is an absolutely AMAZING Akhal-Teke stallion sculpted by Oleg Bazhenov of Russia.    The amount of detail in this sculpture will absolutely blow you away!    From a rough casting, I spent countless hours prepping this guy to perfection and then painting him a vibrant bay with a golden sheen as is typical for this breed.    If you like Tekes, you will LOVE this guy!

He was going to be part of my personal show string, but I am reducing my collection.    Don't miss put on the opportunity to add this amazing piece to your collection or show string!

Priced at $669.50.    Payment needs to be made by PayPal.    Postage is actual cost + $6.00 packaging, and is figured AFTER the model is paid for.    You will need to make this a separate payment.   PIF is preferred, but Time Payments are available: $184.15 Down/110.46 per month for 5 months.    Or 1/2 down, balance due in 30 days.

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