This is my traditional stock horse gelding sculpture, Flint.    He is Hand painted in Oils with many layers of shading. And he has all of the Dun-Factor characteristics that are typical of this color.    (Dorsal and Transverse stripe, Zebra Stripes (on the legs and behind the ears), and Cobwebbing on his forehead.    All of his "points and edges" have been coated with clear nail polish for extra tack change durabilty.    He was sprayed with Krylon matte finish between every layer, with a final finish of Testor's Dullcote - which really shows off his velvety soft color.   This stunning boy will be a fantastic Performance horse that can show in Halter as well.

Brand new and unshown, he is definite LSQ, and ready to go win for his lucky new owner!   
525.00 ppd.

Within the Continental U.S. - USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.
TIME PAYMENTS (with signed Contract): $144.40 Down, $86.62 per month for 5 Months.

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