This is the Artsit Resin, "Strawberry Jam" sculpted by Kathi Bogcki.    She was prepped to perfection and then hand painted in oils to a fabulous Chestnut, with the appropriate pangare of a young filly.    She has been sealed in multiple coats of Dullcote and has extra protection applied to her ear tips, nostril edges and corners of the mouth so she will stand up to the rigors of Live Showing.    She is turned out as she would be presented in the show ring, with blacked, polished hooves.

She is priced at $599.91 and this includes Priority Mail Insured Postage with Delivery Confirmation within the continental U.S.    (Outside of this area will be slightly higher.)    TIME PAYMENTS (with signed contract) $165.00 down with 5 monthly payments of $98.98.

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