Stock Horse Gelding

Now available by poplar demand! MICRO-MINI WHIPLASH, a stock breed Gelding.    This amazing cutting/gaming horse is suitable for any stock breed.

Digitally printed in high quality resin, this micro-mini has all of the charisma and detail as the long sold-out Traditional version!

MM Whiplash is produced by Cantrell Studios.    Priced at $55.00 Postage Paid within the Continental U.S.    Sorry, not available outside of the Continental U.S.    Payment by PayPal only.    Please use the ordering buttons below.
Pieces are printed to order and it can be up to three weeks before orders are shipped.    Orders will ship to customers in the order they are received.

These photos were taken BEFORE I had cleaned all of the sprue bumps off of the print.
Photos shown are larger than actual size!

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